Woman to Woman 2018

Bridging the gap between AA and Al-Anon Women since 1976

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  1. Marti Ruby
    I remember vividly the first time I met Octavia. Even though she was a tiny little thing, there was no mistaking right away that she was larger than life. People just wanted to be near her, and she wanted to be near people. She had a way of looking right into your eyes and you immediately felt loved with a love as big as a mountain. I'll never forget the "sex talk" she shared with so many of us on the deck of the Leadership Lodge at Woman to Woman one year. There must have been at least a dozen of us out there, of all ages, and she spoke with a delight and a candor where each one of us knew that we would be all right, that we WERE all right, and that life was indeed so very good.
  2. Elizabeth "Epop" Kendell
    Octavia had a presence about her that made me want to be a better woman... a better wife, a better daughter, a better sponsor... She had a glow for Recovery and a passion for life that was attractive. Woman to Woman is a life changing conference for so many women and I thank Octavia so much for that. And yes, I will never forget hearing certain words of "intimacy" come out of her precious mouth as she shared her heart on sex and intimacy with us. She is a special soul. Peace and blessings.

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